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Macbook Repair Services

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Macbook Repair Services in London

Macbook Repair Services in London

We offer Same Day professional Mac repair services in London, cash on collection.

Macbook was introduced in 2006 and is known for its wonderful Operating system & features. People are getting mesmerized towards attractive design, software version and features regardless of its higher prices. In addition to unique design concepts, the macbook is also known for its advanced security and safety.

Generally, macbook do not get damaged very often, but when they get damaged, it’s hard to get it repaired. Not all computer repair services providers can fix it; only few including Loyalty UK can fix the macbook issues. Whether your macbook is broken or screen is damaged; we can fix it on the same day.

Macbook Repair Services Include:

Loyalty UK offer a wide range of macbook repair services to the potential customers throughout London and surrounding regions. Our team is having enormous experience in fixing the iMac issues whether it’s just screen replacement or data recovery. We do all.

MacBook Screen Repair: If you notice a physical damage to screen, vertical lines or inking marks; it’s time to replace the screen. We can fix the MacBook screen on the same. We only use the genuine parts for replacements with same functionalities. However, the price is higher than the low quality screen.

iOS Upgrades: Each new iOS update is far better than the previous ones in terms of speed and security. We do updgrade your iOS and ensure that your data isn’t compromised.

Storage Upgrades: Want to increase your macbook storage capacity? We have plenty of options to increase storage capacity including plater drives, latest SSDs & hybrid drives.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades: To make your macbook system faster; increasing RAM is an option. We identify how much RAM is suitable for your system and then perform upgrades. Well, the whole process will take only an hour.

Power Issues (Battery): Doesn’t your device’s battery working optimally? Want to replace it with the new one to become worry free about frequent charging? We can replace the battery within just 30 minutes. We replace the battery with 6 months warranty.

MacBook Faulty Keyboard Repair: Usually, keyboards get damaged due to liquid (mostly water) & improper cleaning. Several times, buttons can’t be fixed separately, the whole keyboard needs to be replaced. We replace the keyboard on the same day. Each MacBooks model has different keyboard layout so, please inquire us before bringing up your device.

Overheating Repair: As MacBook systems gets older, its cooling system may be stopped working due to dust and reduced fan efficiency. That makes your lovely mac hotter gradually. The overheating issues cause processor failure. Let our team fix the overheating issues to avoid the future issues that may cost you a lot.

Trackpad Repair: trackpad damaged; want to get it replaced? We can replace it in few hours. The repair and replacement is quite complicated because it’s situated under battery section. We use genuine trackpads with 6 to 12 months warranty.

Hardware Issues: No matter what kind of hardware issues your macbook has, Loyalty UK diagnose the issues and quote for repairing within couple of hours. Once you approve, we start fixing the issues without wasting a minute.

MacBook Accessories:

Want to accessorize your MacBook with modern gadgets and parts? We offer a wide range of genuine accessories for your MacBook including hard cases, connection cables, bags, replacement chargers. Come to our shop today to browse the accessories that can beautify your MacBook.

How Do We Work?

Step 1: Get a Quote: Our specialists can give you a free estimate to repair your broken MacBook.

Step 2: Free Collection: Book a free MacBook collection by contacting us today at 020 8459 7000 or bring your system directly at our shop in London.

Step 3: Same Day Repair: We repair almost all issues on the same day. And if in case of no stock of spare parts, it may take 2-3 days.

Step 4: Free Delivery: Once the repair is done, we will deliver it to your home in London. OR you can pick up your system from the shop directly.

Having an issue with your MacBook Pro or Air and want to get it fixed as soon as possible? Loyalty UK is here to help you. call us today at 020 8459 7000 or fill up the form with issues: form

We provide MacBook Repair and Replace/ Cracked Mac Screen services in Willesden Green, NW2, Kilburn, Dollis Hill, Dollis Hill Lane, Cricklewood, Kilburn Park, West Hampstead, Finchley Road.