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In these Terms and Conditions, “we” means the business Loyalty UK and “you” the user of our services. Please read and understand before you use anything we provide or commit to any transaction.  These Terms and Conditions replace any that Loyalty UK has had before. 

A 14-day return policy applies only for brand new items if they are returned in their original packaging, sealed and unopened. This is followed by a 1-month functionality warranty which covers fixing only in the absence of physical or water damage, failing which then, and only then, exchange can be made. 

The 14-day exchange policy covers charging cables, head phones, ear phones and smart phones accessories. These can be subject to a longer check and where goods are proven not from personal damage but note that this is not a guarantee of exchange.

We provide a one-month repair or exchange policy for refurbished and second-hand items in the absence of physical or water damage. The fourteen-day return policy does not apply for the afore mentioned items. We will only provide exchange if the device in questioned cannot be fixed after a third trial. 

We will not provide any warranty or exchange policy in the event of the discovery during repair, of any physical or water damage. However, any repair will have a fourteen-day warranty. 

We require a minimum of 48 hours before any decision is taken regarding any warranty repair or exchange policy. This time will allow us to make the necessary enquiries. However, we reserve the right to reject or accept an item if the Terms and Conditions here mentioned are not met. 

You are responsible for ensuring that you have backed-up all data on your device. We will not be responsible for any loss of data, pictures, information or programs on your device. We are not responsible for loss of data or time, even with hardware failure.

We Charge checkup / Diagnostic fees (£25.00 or £35.00 or £50.00) depend on the type of the device. However, we don’t charge our customer for checkup fees once you decide to repair your equipment with us.

Please make sure your equipment working satisfactory before leaving the shop. We are not responsible for any IT problems that may occur after the equipment has been repaired and check by the customer.

Battery life is guaranteed to have life at the time of sale but life span is not guaranteed as this will be classed as wear and Tear. If a battery does not hold any power then this must be reported within 7 days. After three weeks from the device being repaired, if your device is not collected it will be offered for sale to the public to recover the cost of repair.